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Win to Lose is a conceptual portrait game experience on the dreamscapes of three generations of women artists. The central character is a pair of three legs that navigates a series of planetary vignettes, with theme elements that oscillate between absurd dreaminess  and surrealist beauty.  The game uses narrative vehicles that explore the archetypes of womanhood and the female form.

Win to Lose premiered at Box Gallery June 27th and was on display as part of a larger exhibition, Let Power Take a Female Form.




The temple, an architectural staple of the Miracle Mile area in Los Angeles, served as a movie set for the studios recent production. I worked with the studios Sr. Animator, Rhett Larue to create these environments in Autodesk Maya.

These environments and other CG props were contributions that became part of the Fitch/Trecartin studio's larger exhibition at Regen Projects in October 2014.



The Kiss Me collective  had staged a series of performances and tours at the famed Kiss Me Hotel. It's architecture is made up mostly of cement, and it is a pastiche of cultural / historical references that don't particularly represent its influences with accuracy, but rather utilizes them as vehicles to create grandiose and unique tableaus within each hotel suite as a fantastic escape for lovers looking to dissappear for a night or an afternoon.

For this project, I was invited to create a 3D web site for the Kiss Me Collective in Cali, Colombia. I used documentation references to create an environment replica of the motel, and use symbolic instantiations as navigation affordances. I built the entire environment in Maya.